Did you miss me?

These days I’ve been thinking about closing my blog (I have years without writing) but because I love to share experiences of my battles against the technology and because I love to provide solutions so others could find an easier path to move on I’ve decide to give me a new opportunity and reboot my mental discipline and start again (never is too late).

Nowadays my best technological universes preferences are Docker, NodeJs, React, Redux, React Native, Cordova, Angular, Drupal and Raspberry Pi, I will be writing about these little things and I hope would be useful to somebody out there.

By the way the content and source code of this blog is completely free and open and recently I decided to migrate from Drupal 7 to Hexo a static Html generator based on Node.js, you can pull a copy of my repository here and start your own version.

In README file you will find how to run locally this blog and start to create your own blog version. Basically you will need docker and docker-compose and execute following commands:

git clone https://gitlab.com/xcafebabe/xcafebabe.gitlab.io.git \
&& cd xcafebabe.gitlab.io \
&& cp env-example .env \
&& sudo docker-compose up

Wait until you read on the console Hexo is running at http://localhost:4000/. Press Ctrl+C to stop. after that follow the link.

Happy coding!