YouTrack on OpenShift, quick and simple

I've been looking for a cheap (ok, free!) way to manage a queue of tasks/issues because lately I have too many. The solution must be flexible enough to manage the tasks on any device and any place.

Setup your on chat server in Ubuntu

I'm working on a project related to instant messaging and it was necessary to install the almighty Openfire. I wrote a small guide to compile, install and run your own Openfire server in Ubuntu 12.04

Step 1: Check out source code

Check out last tagged version of Openfire source code.

Manually installing Ant 1.8.4 on Ubuntu 12.04

My handy guide for installing Ant.

Step 1

Download a fresh copy


With this script, I prepared a vagrant box to be used as an starting point for drupal testing enviroment.

If you don't know what is Vagrant, what you waiting for?, go here and check it out :)

If you are familiar with Vagrant and you want to try this box, follow this instruccions:

Install & Setup Drupal 7 using a command-line script

My recent work has been done with Drupal and I'm gladly impressed about :

  • The features this platform provides you out-of-the-box.
  • The tireless efforts of a community of people contributing to the platform with extensions and improvements.
  • After overcoming the learning curve you can also be part of this strong and healthy community.